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Brand image and consumer decision-making process The presence of advertisements in every sphere of life, both online and offline, has meant that the consumer is constantly influence by various types of marketing activities when making purchasing decisions. A distinctive brand image allows it to stand out from the competition, which is significant, especially in the case of companies offering a similar range. How we evaluate a given brand influences how we perceive the advertisements it emits. Most purchasing decisions are made so quickly, or even routinely, that consumers do not even realize how many factors influence their final decisions.

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The brand, with all its attributes, plays a vital role in this process. A positive image evokes an increase in the sense of trust, which in turn significantly shortens the time of making purchasing decisions. Therefore, the brand strategy should whatsapp mobile number list take into account these dependencies. The analysis of the impact of the brand on consumer behavior makes it possible to distinguish two separate sales situations in which the image plays an important role. It is persuading the customer to make the first purchase and building the loyalty of regular customers.

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The brand image provides consumers with all the necessary information about the offer, which at the same time weakens the sense of risk associate with the purchase. The brand image is a synthesis of the recipient’s experiences, feelings and B to B Database beliefs. It evokes emotions and enriches the shopping experience, and also allows the consumer to identify with a specific social group. By purchasing products or services of a specific brand, the consumer emphasizes his position and place in the social hierarchy. The impact of advertising on the consumer’s decision-making process Advertising permeates our lives, shapes patterns, sets trends, indicates the hierarchy of importance and determines purchasing decisions.

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