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Trade in services on Internet platforms. We can buy a service or commission a task. Trade in digital goods this category includes all electronic items software, computer games, e books, etc. Breakdown by entities who conducts the transaction with whom Electronic commerce between enterprises B B, business to business trade between companies. Electronic commerce between a company and a consumer B C, business to consumer transactions can be made between an individual customer and a seller Electronic commerce between consumers C C, consumer to consumer exchange of goods between private persons.

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What mistakes should not be made in the e commerce industry. Selling in an online store is a real challenge. How to set up an online store so as not to cut yourself a mine. Running a business, be it a brick and mortar or e commerce business, requires taking Uruguay Mobile Number List many steps and making often risky decisions. When you want to start operating in the e commerce industry and have your own online store, do not forget about marketing. Everyone knows the popular saying advertising leverages commerce, this also applies to e commerce.

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Think about which marketing channel is best to use to reach your target group to whom you want to sell goods and services. Speaking of the target group. It is worth remembering to define it well and focus on these customers. Of course, on B to B Database the e commerce market, the range offer for online purchase is available to everyone. However, when creating a marketing strategy and brand communication, it is important to direct the message to the target group. Another important thing is the website. Your e commerce platform should be clear, intuitive and functional. The present offer should be categoriz to make it easier to navigate the e shop.

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