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There is a choice of fonts, animations, background colors, a whole list of emoticons, gifs, pictures. The ability to ask anonymous questions on Instagram Stories is the latest trend. Previously, the account from which the question was aske was visible to the publishe person, and the blogger himself decide to reveal the author or leave him incognito. The F desktop app has given Instagrammers a new option asking anonymously. How to Create an Instagram Stories Quiz How to Create an Instagram Quiz In, Instagram developers gave users another update the ability to create quizzes. The Instagram quiz has a limite number of answer options, only. You can only ask one question per story.

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For test or more, you nee to create all the stories you want to touch. To publish a test, you nee to do a few things Click the Add Story icon.Create a new story Choose from presets or create a background photo.Choose a background for your Egypt Mobile Number List survey Click the sticker icon at the top of the screen and select Quiz from the menu. Choose a quiz sticker Enter your question and answer options.Write a question and answers Choose the correct answer. The story creator must click on one of the answers and it will turn green. This will be the correct option.

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To see readers’ answers, you nee to scroll up the quiz page. A menu with statistics will open, in which you can select the data you are intereste in. The following are examples of tests that are appropriate for each case. For friends For this category of B to B Database subscribers, both funny and serious questions are suitable. The account owner usually knows his friends well, so target audience tests won’t work. It would be nice to pass the scholarship test in Literature, Music, Painting, History, Geography. Friends will be happy to show their knowlege.

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