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Imagine having a device that not only records your meetings verbatim but also tags speakers in more than 25 different languages.

 not just regular transcripts; instead, they are powered by GPT-3, guaranteeing great accuracy and fit.

 transcripts shortly after a call, which can be immediately translated and searched using keywords.

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But tl;dv is capable of more than just transcription. It claims the phone number lists ability to automatically create AI meeting notes, including all important events.

Whether it’s a critical decision made at a product meeting or an important finding from a user interview, tl;dv makes sure it’s recorded and condensed.

Collaboration is simple due to the ability to exchange these GPT-3 enhanced AI notes across multiple methods.

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Its ability to produce GPT power views across sessions is another unique feature. Users can access a reel of instances from previous records when the topic was covered by entering a keyword.

As a result, the process of data collection and analysis can be simplified by combining ideas from several sessions into one cohesive report.

There is tl; dv B2B Database excels in integration area as well. It allows users to move bite-sized chunks across CRMs, document creation tools, and instant messaging services.

As a result, meeting views are widely available and used throughout the organization.

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