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So every day check for dogs in your group and remove them. Bann users are call dogs. It nes to be remov so that the group itself is not bann from contacting admins. Since a large number of dogs means only artificial winding, which is prohibit by the rules. Vkontakte for natural promotion read get money. An example of a group with dogs from contact before laying An example of a group with dogs after rotation An example of a VK group with dogs Another option for getting initial followers is to buy them from a cheat service. I us VKtarget. The cost of a subscriber is ruble.

According To A Pretermin Audience

Here the quality of followers is higher than adding mutual friends. True, in a few days about of the group will be fir, but this is not much. There are far fewer dogs. What does the paid method do here? In fact, it may even come out for free. The fact is that the same cheat service allows you to earn money by completing tasks. You can Henan Mobile Phone Number List complete tasks, receive money and use the proces to order subscribers to your group. Why this service is valuable you can choose subscribers by region, age, number of friends. The campaign settings window looks like this VKtarget configuration window VKtarget configuration window.

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Launch Of Events Target

The service itself does not recommend winding up more than subscribers per day for youth groups of less than people in order to ruce the likelihood of a ban. But I think you won’t get much done if you’re earning subscriber money by working hard B to B Database on assignments. The fun is over, so let’s move on to the long term work that nes to be done on a daily basis until your group’s income or money from other sources can be spent on paid promotion. The next step on behalf of our fake accounts is to add friends to our target audience and invite them to our group. it’s time to make lists of this audience. 

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