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What is the best way to spend the evening with a book in hand or with friends at a disco. Taxi or public transport? Tell us about yourself what interests you what books do you read. Commercial account Questions from the audience in a business account Do you like our new product. Do you want to know how I lost kg in months. Do you like the new company logo? Would you like us to raffle off our products? What is missing in our online store. How many times a week do you visit our site? Waiting for weekend discounts? How to view results.

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The survey lasts hours. The publishe story will then be archive. Viewing the poll results is easy. Open stories with questions and swipe up. The statistics history will open click on the eye icon. Here are the voting results how many people vote for a Colombia Mobile Number List particular answer, as well as reports of people who took part in the vote. Instagram poll results Looking at the voting results You can share the results of the survey just click the blue button. Important Users cannot participate in the survey anonymously. The creator of the quiz or test will see who answere the questions.

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Instructions on how to create an Instagram poll And now a little instruction. The developers make the interface of the Instagram app for Android and iOS as standard as possible so that there are no difficulties when switching between operating B to B Database systems. In the same way, polls are conducte on them on Instagram. The algorithm of actions is as follows Click on your avatar in the story list to start creating. Choose a photo or video. Of course, you can also remove this. Click on the smiley square at the top of the screen. Select the Poll sticker.

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