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It is known that not only his compatriots. But also many fans from all over the world are enrolle in the athlete. Of particular interest in Habib appeare after his fights with Conor McGregor in and with Justin Gage in. In both competitions, Nurmagomeov became the winner and after the last. Fight announce his retirement. There are many philosophical posts on the athlete’s page, where he calls on men and women to honor traditions, be kind and help other people. Obviously, in his profile there are photos and videos from training and with colleagues.

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Olga Buzova nd place Nickname buzova Number of subscribers. Million A few years ago, Olga was the most popular on Instagram the largest number of Internet users followe her life. Today the star lost the championship to Khabib Nurmagomeov. Do not lose Do not miss Olga Buzova spoke about life without David Manukyan, insults to her mother and Nepal Mobile Number List attitude towards Tarasov Despite this, Buzova remains one of the most talke about people in the domestic show business. Special attention has now been shown to her life at the end of January, the singer admitte that she had broken up with her boyfriend, rapper David Manukyan, whom she had been dating for a year and a half.

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Ksenia Borodino rod place Nick borodylia Number of subscribers. million One of the country’s most popular TV presenters often shares photos of her children and her husband on her profile. Followers are delighte with the house where Ksenia lives B to B Database with her family. Even more fans were delighte with the New Year’s decor some even dreame of organizing photo shoots in Borodina’s homeland. Recently, Ksenia was on vacation in Dubai, and the photo shoot, which took place in the desert, cause a real sensation among subscribers of the TV show. Tamai th place Nick timatiofficial Number of subscribers.

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