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Choose the main category corresponding to the most important key phrase for you. Create a good and unique company description optimiz for a local phrase. Add photos to your Google Maps account. Get valuable Google reviews. Take care of the question and answer section. Inform the customer about changes by creating entries. What do your customers ne to do to rate your business on Google Maps? Rating is very simple. Just go to Google Maps. Your company can be found by entering the name in the box with the magnifying glass symbol.

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You can also choose other search methods. Quite often, customers search for companies by entering their industry and approximate address. Then click on the company name to open a menu with more information. On a computer, it appears on Ghana Mobile Number List the left side of the screen. In the phone app it is locat at the bottom. In any case, just scroll down the menu to the reviews section. At this point, you can write your own recommendation while evaluating the company in the star system. It’s even easier to leave reviews if you send your customers a link to your business listing on Google asking for a review.

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You will find a link to your business on Google Maps in your Google. My Business profile after clicking the Ask for feback button. How do I remove a Google review? Google provides businesses with the ability to remove reviews by reporting policy B to B Database violations. All you have to do as the listing owner of the review you want to remove is click the three dots and then select the reason for the violatio inappropriate content. Of course, Google will review your application and then notify you of the decision. So there is a chance that the review will not be remove.

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