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There were over, software tester positions on Head. Hunter over, on Trud com in fact about, and this is only in Russia. Employers don’t like tutorials that don’t understand the code, even if they write great tests. But even machines that do not know the basics of testing are of no interest to anyone. For example, here is a screenshot from the website, where the employer lists the requirements for a tester Generalists who know modern testing methods, who know programming languages, who can compose and automate tests, are in great demand, for example.

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How to master the profession of a tester in step? No exit. Don’t be fool by the big headlines in the accelerat learning ads. The tester profession does not involve the same path or the same quick steps. Each specialist is unique due to individual List of US Mobile Phone Numbers experience, but if you ne a clear plan or company for training, choose a course with a long schule and enough teaching hours to master it Test universe. Quick start from a tester with an excellent background Lyubov Popova The popular online university Geekbrains offers a number of different study programs.

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Training for manual tests can be done on the LE TUE SKILLS portal The profession of a tester is offer for mastering QA Marathon Skillbox teaches the profession of a novice tester Netology organizes interviews at Alfa Bank for the best students. By the B to B Database way, a little trick if you still decide to learn the basics on your own all universities publish study programs in the public domain. You can choose the one you like the most and use it in your self study process. If you have master the baggage describ in the article, you can apply for starting positions in the profession.

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