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Why did the European Union pay attention to opinions? The reason is that ratings and reviews are of great importance in the perception of companies and influence the purchasing decisions made by the majority of consumers. Unfortunately, some companies take advantage of this fact by taking unfair actions, such as trading reviews or commissioning the creation of false reviews. So what does the Omnibus Directive change and how do the new regulations affect the activities of entrepreneurs? More transparency and an end to fake reviews.

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The Omnibus Directive not only prohibits the creation or purchase of fake reviews, but also the manipulation of them by removing negative reviews and displaying only positive ones. According to the new regulations, it is also consider an unfair market practice to claim that the opinions come from consumers who bought the product, if the Malta Mobile Number List entrepreneur does not take steps to verify the opinions. In addition, the new rules introduce an obligation to clearly inform consumers whether and how reviews shar on the website are verifi by the company. Therefore, the directive does not explicitly require verification of reviews, but it imposes.

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An obligation to provide information on whether the company checks reviews for authenticity and how it processes them. No wonder that the information about the directive caus quite a stir among many companies that began to look for support and solutions among the products available on the market. No one wants to give up such an effective B to B Database marketing tool as positive reviews from other customers. Fortunately, it is possible to prepare for the entry into force of the regulations and we are glad that we can support entrepreneurs in this says Karol Bocheński, COO at Rating Captain. How to collect and display feback in accordance with the Omnibus Directive? There are several ways to collect feback.

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