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The software also enables integration with. In addition with Middeck. ZnanyLekarz, thanks to which all schul appointments will be automatically includ in the M Mfile. Mfiles Clinic Klinika is a platform creat for doctors and mical facilities for whom online visibility is important. The tool allows you to create a business card for MojeZdrowie and promote the service free of charge. You can create a business card for both the doctor and the facility, including staff, location, map and opening hours. Klinika has two packages Gabinet Komfort and HIS Plus.

Ensures Automatic Synchronization

The first one, design for surgeries and small practices, facilitates visits by handling mical events, online registration, an interactive calendar, access to the drug database or the possibility of issuing e documents. In addition, the system will Spain Phone Numbers List remind patients about the visit and issue an invoice for online payment. In turn, the HIS Plus package additionally includes modules for specialist clinics, hospital wards, and enables settlements with the National Health Fund. Clinic Midesk Midesk is an application for handling clinics and one person surgeries. It allows you to effectively manage a mical facility, monitors business indicators and all marketing channels.

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Notifications And Order Shipment

It is dicat to the reception staff and facility managers. It is not a typical CRM, but rather a tool facilitating contact with the patient and analyzing sales effectiveness. Here you will find complete insight into incoming and outgoing calls as well as the option of tagging and assigning statuses to calls. An interesting option is the ability to analyze the reasons B to B Database for not making an appointment. In addition, there are a number of marketing functions that allow you to check from which channel patients come to your facility. Midesk also allows you to verify the profitability of your promotional campaigns thanks to accurate statistics.

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