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All this is written under the main slogan, in a smaller font size. Below is the action button, which most often follows from the description if you offer to leave a request, it would be nice to name the button in the same way. Then there are different blocks, and here everything depends on. The field of activity and the target audience. Usually, after the main screen, it is indicate to whom the service is provide. Below are the characteristics why the buyer should choose your product. Information about the company Tell us how you appeare and why you became in demand.

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How it works great for the services provide. You can describe how windows are installe. How much Here is written the pricing policy of the company. Reviews Block can increase skills. Contacts Enter your contact information so that customers can Paraguay Mobile Number List contact you. Footer The menu on the first screen is often just duplicate, as is the link to the privacy policy and other data. These are the main blocks that are most often found on landing pages. In your case, everything could be completely different, but the main thing is that the offer is on the first screen this is almost the most important thing on the landing page.

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To develop a prototype, you can use the following software tools Axure Sigma Mockups. it is important to fully process the prototype then it will be easier to develop the entire site. Building sales funnel Boxy Boxy Official site. A country Russia Probation days Free bet No. The development of a landing page on Bloxy is carrie out by adding readymade B to B Database blocks of sections to the page the first screen, one screen, perks, call to action, products, images, gallery, video, text, scheule, stages, reviews, partners, rates, team, contacts, about us, menu, promotions cellar sections favorites In turn.

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