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Ad sets or ads bas on criteria that we previously set This can be very useful if, for example, we want to activate campaigns at a certain time, pause a promotion that has already end or increase the budget if we exce a certain ROAS, etc The rules allow us to perform a large number of automatic actions bas on the configuration of three aspects The criteria or conditions that trigger the rule The action we want to be perform. The campaign, ad set, or ads that we want this rule to affect.

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That is we will establish a criterion that will affect a campaign, set of ads or ads, and when this occurs , the action that we have indicat will be automatically carri out The steps that we have to follow to create automat rules in Facebook Ads are the following In the ad manager we select the campaigns, ad sets or ads to which we are going to apply the rule. Keep in mind that South Korea Phone Numbers List the same rule can only be associat to sets of the same level, for example, to several campaigns, but not to sets of different levels such as a campaign and an ad Click on the Rules drop down and select Create rule.

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A window will appear that will allow us to choose between creating a custom rule or selecting a preset rule If we choose to create a custom rule, we can select the action we want to perform and the conditions under which the campaign will be activat If we have B to B Database select to create a custom rule, we must assign it a name and specify the action that we want to be carri out and the conditions that activate it automat rules in Facebook Ads By default, automat rules in Facebook Ads run constantly every minutes.

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