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Zeus can track competitor accounts. And apply promotion features, for example, only to those who have recently register with your competitor or have recently been active in his account There is also a rare feature of story views Wide opportunities for sending to Direct. In this case, delivery is includ in the cost of the base rate The platform is able to notify you of new messages and comments directly in Telegram. A convenient analysis window will allow you to track the entire dynamics of your account The user interface is quite simple to understand.

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There are various tips and even recommendations on limits Including there are delay publications Of course, we selectively took a number of theses describing the system, and here you will find a lot more interesting for you. But in short, Zeus combines an excellent ratio of price, functionality and availability. Well, don’t forget that you can test the Belize Mobile Number List service for free for days. Second place tooligram We think that you have heard about Tuligram more than once, there are many articles about it on the Internet, it is talk about more often than on any other platform.

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The whole point is not only this, the service is really very good, but there are also tangible disadvantages. Let’s talk more As always, let’s start with the price. Subscription starts from rubles per month when working with one account. However, you B to B Database will not be able to re link multiple accounts to this license, contrary to the first post of this article. In addition, at rubles. The ability to send to Direct, like, or communicate in Direct is not includ. For everyone to add features that you have to pay for The cloud version does not have an activity Schuler.

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