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Google Data Studio for SMM specialists and analysts Google Data Studio is a service that helps you combine data from different sources into a common report. This program will be useful for both SMM and analysts who want to automate the reporting process. The course consists of video lessons and is divid into four thematic modules. These are Introduction to the tool, Using Google Data Studio, Step by step instructions for creating a report, and Designing a report. During the course you will learn everything relat to the principles of working with data everything in the control panel in Google Data Studio how to bind data to the service how to create a dashboard basic principles of reporting everything relat to the use of interactive charts and reports.

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Profession SMM manager from Interra Course duration lessons. Level for beginners. Training format webinar recordings text materials homework without checking. Answers no With certificate Training program Fundamentals of the Luxembourg Mobile Number List profession. Select a project to work on. Creating a community and creating a content plan for it. Ways to promote accounts in social networks. Creation of a personal career development plan for an SMM manager. Public building. Working with analytics services Find your first online buyer.

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What you will learn Create content for social mia. Promote communities and personal social mia accounts Create a Community Working with analytics services Search for clients on the Internet. Course features Personal certificate upon completion of training PDF. Development plan in the profession of SMM manager as a gift to all course B to B Database participants. What should an SMM specialist know and be able to do? Each specialization SMM manager, targetologist, storyteller, etc. has its own specific knowlge. However, in general, if you want to become an SMM specialist, you will ne the following personal knowlge, skills and qualities.

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