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So you should carefully consider different bloggers of the same price category for a more accurate understanding of the potential profit. How much do bloggers earn on Instagram from subscribers An example of a list of bloggers with, or more followers on Plibber. In general, there are a lot of accounts on different exchanges and the competition is quite high. It will not work to get into the advertising business with fraudulent bots or subscribers, strict moderation is carri out everywhere, and advertisers will immiately notice such a snag. As a result, only high quality promot accounts with target advertising or owner popularity are evaluat, as well as those that do not overestimate the price of an advertising post.

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In particular, advertising on Instagram is a target type of active advertising. It allows you to demonstrate products and services as efficiently as possible, demonstrating them to a large number of target visitors. Price categories Malta Mobile Number List are determin by the auction method. That is, the more the advertiser is willing to pay per click, the larger the target audience he will receive for himself. The optimal average cost per click is US cents. Publication in an active profile with a couple of hundr subscribers will cost at least ten to fifteen thousand rubles.

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At the same time, everything is individual, so the final price will depend on the client and the contractor himself. How much do Russian and foreign stars earn on Instagram As for mia characters and stars, Instagram is literally a gold mine B to B Database for them. It’s no secret that their subscriber base is growing very actively and rapidly, and the price of advertising is sometimes very, very high. Their accounts are rarely found on the exchange there are usually only average and obscure artists, as well as athletes and models.

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