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The present tools however, help to a large extent to automate activities and thus save time and increase the store’s profits. The best furniture stores in Warsaw customer opinion ranking. Rating Captain minutes of reading The best furniture stores in Warsaw customer opinion ranking Contents in the anthill Agata Meble showroom Targówek IKEA Targowek Black R White ul. Popularna DKwadrat pl design Showroom Take Me Home Moders pl Meblezagrosze pl JYSK Dawns Summary. The list was creat by searching for companies appearing on Google maps after entering the phrase.

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Warsaw furniture store. Showrooms and shops with the highest number of opinions and the highest average were taken into account. In the Reviews Audit tool, we prepar reports for each company, and bas on them, a ranking of the best furniture Poland Mobile Number List stores in Warsaw was creat. Try it for free. in the anthill The furniture store in Mrowisko is rank first in the customer opinion ranking. The company’s average rating in the business card perfectly reflects customer satisfaction and places the salon in class A on the board reflecting consumer confidence.

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The company also owes such a great result to responding to customer reviews. However, it is definitely worth shortening the response time and reacting to all new opinions. See the profile at Mrowisko in the Rating Captain opinion directory The B to B Database entire report is available here. Agata Meble showroom Targówek The showroom receiv over, opinions, but the lower average places it in class. Therefore, efforts should be made to ensure that the majority of new opinions are positive ones, which will result in an increase in the rating. Another very important aspect is responding to customer feback. Be aware of both negative and positive reviews and try to respond as quickly as possible.

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