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This is a method of presenting the product most often by an influencer. Who opens the product purchas or receiv as part of cooperation, records the entire process and tells whether the article meets his expectations, what are its advantages and disadvantages. However, it is worth remembering about customers who can also be involv in building company recognition. You can send an invitation to review with a photo to a consumer who has made a purchase. This method is us by trading platforms. Allegro, Aliexpress, Ceneo, etc but it will be equally effective if you sell only in an online store.

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Price Price is also a core concept in the P concept. The online pricing policy will depend on many factors whether delivery is includ in the price of the product, what are the production costs, possible losses, rent size, employee salaries, etc. The golden rule UAE Mobile Number List that all entrepreneurs should remember is that income must exce costs in order to be profitable and successful in running a business. There are several online pricing strategies to increase sales Discounts X Coupons, vouchers Subscriptions. Freemium Offers Buy for the price of Promotional codes.

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The price is relat to the product as well as other marketing mix tools. It is important to correctly calculate the market price of a given product, taking into account the demand for the product, its average cost, so that the buyer chooses your online store and not the competition. Place It sounds strange when we talk about distribution in the context of an B to B Database online marketing concept. But if we dig deeper, we’ll find out that for e commerce business, place means online company headquarters usually an online store. The website is the place where the customer gets to know your product price etc.

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