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That is, to find a job in the office or remotely, but already in the state. A newcomer will not immiately be accept for a large salary. But there are several ways to get a job even if you have no experience Take courses that offer internships. This is a good opportunity to test yourself. Get a start up position with a small salary, but the opportunity to gain experience. For example, assistant, moderator in a large community. So grow within the team that hires you. Many large companies offer candidates to take tests. Even if you are inexperienc, but pass the test well, you may pass. For example, Tinkoff Journal has such a practice Write a good resume.

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As work experience, you can show personal projects, study assignments that you complet in courses, projects of friends whom you help maintain books. Even if you don’t have an SMM Specialist entry in your file cabinet, you will no longer be Namibia Mobile Number List consider a newbie. During the recruitment process, you may complete many test tasks before being hir. Add them to your portfolio and show employers your experience. Design your personal social mia pages to look professional. Remove any information that may confuse customers.

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If you work in SMM, your personal profiles are your showcase, not your personal space. Customers will definitely see what you write on social networks, how many friends you have, whether they comment on your messages or not. By the way, in agencies you can get more diverse and valuable experience than working on the client side and completing B to B Database a project. If you are learning to become an SMM from scratch, your best bet is to look for your first job in a studio. Free Online Reputation Management Courses Online Reputation Management by Talgat. Yunusov videos, no certificate Reputation Management.

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