Online media integrated marketing

 It is difficult for a tv advertisement to cause a conversion if it Online media integrated marketing  does not have a permanent character. Because a person assimilates information after seeing it at least 5 times. In georgia. Television is one of the most important attributes in the process of forming public opinion. expenses paid by the companies – in the first quarter of 2020. The total number of advertisements on television was 4.473 and the duration was 66.871 seconds. And the investment amounted to 4.020.825 gel. Media marketing – investment clipart radio radio radio is a medium that has the widest segment of the most loyal users.

Online and print media today

 Similar to television. In order Belgium Phone Number Data  to get conversions. In this case too. Great importance is attached to frequent repetition of the advertising message. This is the only way to reach the target audience at the right time. Increase awareness and stimulate sales. In the first quarter of 2020. The total number of advertisements placed on the radio in georgia was 5226. Which once again proves that this component of traditional media is quite popular in society. Both the traditional print media and its digital form in the form of online magazines and information platforms have quite a large segment.

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This is evidence by the advertising

 It is believed that placing advertising Albania Phone Number List  content on these mediums can bring particularly good results. As their diversity of concepts and different content is an ideal way to connect with people of different tastes.  integrated marketing communication combines all the above-mentioned mediums and is considered the optimal method of distributing information or advertising. Connecting with the customer through several channels accelerates the process of receiving and assimilating news. Therefore the achievement of predetermined tasks of companies becomes significantly marketing and a large number of partner.

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