Pc Componentes or Sixt Car

Hello Monday What type of strategies do you carry out to enhance the relationship between brands and influencers? Each brand is a world. That is why the first thing is to do a good study of the brand and know its objectives. Even if they are brands from the same sector, there are many nuances that we must know for each campaign to be a success, such as the qualitative analysis of profiles, study of the internal statistics of each profile or its return on investment.

A Slowdown in Expectations for Growth

Which will cause a slowdown in expectations for growth in advertising investment. Dentsu states that prices email database will continue to grow by 0.6% in the 12 main markets. But the impact of this will not be the same in all formats. For example, price inflation is expected to be slower in audiovisual formats such as connected television (CTV). Video on demand (BVOD), digital video and traditional media such as print and radio, with some exceptions for markets and media.

Connected Tv Saw 23.7% Growth in 2022

Which will slow to 20.2% next year but will grow at a faster rate than traditional TV , which has remained stable this B2B Database year and will decline 1.9% next. The recent introduction of advertising products by large operators such as Netflix and Disney. Is expected to allow connected TV to capture a larger share of the market as their new subscription models increase membership numbers.

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