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You can get a bank or brand affiliate link and offer a service to subscribers with your ID. When you place an order through your link, the brand pays you the agre percentage in advance. The payment system for any user action on the advertiser’s website is CPA. You must advertise, for example, the application on your personal page and earn from each download. To get more profit, you ne to promote your account. Traffic from Instagram can be transferr to other resources to affiliate programs, profiles of other social networks, sites and earn money from it. YouTube has monetization, you can advertise to your subscribers and get paid for views faster.

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How the advertiser reaches you. And how you can be of interest to him Advertisers find an account in several ways Relat hashtags and blogs. Profile analysis platforms Livune and similar. Ask for advice in thematic groups. Looking for similar profiles Namibia Mobile Number List or on an advertising exchange. They are interest in attracting live people who are potentially interest in their product, as well as in the trust of subscribers in you. This is one of the reasons why you should not take every promotional offer and post several sales messages a day, otherwise the subscribers will stop listening to your opinion and the business will go.

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Advertisers don’t want empty impressions that don’t lead to clicks and sales. In the case of our blog, advertisers initially came to us advertising platforms. We cancel, discuss terms and payment, and if their product didn’t make me doubt, I post. After B to B Database thousand subscribers appear, advertisers themselves began to look for our account. The profile began to appear more often in the recommendations of people. How much do famous bloggers get on Instagram The income of an installer directly depends on his demand.

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