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The most popular accounts of Russian bloggers. Many people became famous thanks to the popular social network, in which they talke about their lives. Share the secrets of success and beauty. After becoming famous on the net, bloggers entere the world of entertainment and manage to build a successful career in television and music. Nastoyka Ivleeva st place Nickname agentgirl Subscribers. million Nastya’s career began with humorous sketches, which immeiately became popular with Internet users. Today Ivleeva is the most famous blogger with a multi-million audience. The girl manage to become the host of the Eagle and Tails travel show, as well as launch her own show on YouTube.

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Nastya is love because she is not afraid to be funny and looks like a simple girl, like most of her subscribers. Huseyn Gasanov nd place Nickname gusting Gaisano Number of subscribers. million Hussein also starte with humorous cartoons, and when they became popular, she decide to start her own blog on YouTube. Today Hasanov is Namibia Mobile Number List one of the most successful and wealthy bloggers. It is known that a post with advertising in his microblog costs from thousand rubles th place. Kylie Jenner million kyliejenner The fifth most popular account belongs to another star with multiple roles Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian star family.

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Starting with a modeling career, Kylie quickly conquere television, and then prove to be a very successful business woman. Advertising on Kylie Jenner’s huge account is considere one of the most expensive. Top popular Instagram profiles by followers in Russia Russian stars are still far from the popularity of their Western counterparts, at B to B Database least on Instagram. While our celebrities can only dream of a hundre million subscribers, the most popular ones have just over million subscribers. Khabib Nurmagomeov st place Nick khabib nurmagomeov Number of subscribers million The mixe martial arts fighter is by far the most popular in Russia.

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