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They are it talks about aspects of their personality or desires relat to its change. And also supports their views. Modern, good branding is bas on commitment and belonging and has come to be an expression of the personal attitudes of its recipients. What exactly is branding? No, it’s not just a logo Branding, building brand awareness, is a design process that, among other things, is responsible for brand recognition against the competition. In addition, it creates a personality and a coherent image of our company, product or service in the eyes of consumers, whose opinions on various portals are increasingly important in the semi digital world.

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Olins says that by choosing specific brands. We define ourselves because they act as a kind of “associative and informational shortcut” and can speak to like mind people around the world with just a symbol. Ba Even Aristotle wrote that the most important Portugal Mobile Number List thing is the correct use of metaphor. Branding is not just a logo However, it is worth pointing out here the separateness between a brand and a trademark, which makes it possible to distinguish the product and services of a given enterprise from those creat by competitors.

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A trademark can consist of words, letters, numbers, symbols, signatures, shapes or sounds and it’s not just about recording the pronunciation of the brand name. On the other hand, a given brand is distinguish by its functional and emotional B to B Database values. Examples of your brand’s functional values ​​include convenience, quality, and ease of use, and your brand’s emotional values ​​include ambition, joy, and independence. To sum up the brand itself is not only what we see the logo, typography or the rest of the visual identification system or what we read a slogan or a copywriter’s creation bas on the brand’s communication vision.

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