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Email is creat on your own domain. Wix Pricing Tariffs for Wix are divid into categories for websites and for companies, and for ecommerce online stores. In my opinion, the prices on the site are very affordable. For example, the basic tariff costs only rubles per month. rates for sites For Business and online stores, prices are, of course, more expensive corporate rates Please note that for each tariff there is a discount for advertising in Yandex Direct, rubles and Google Ads, rubles. Stage. Domain Whichever layout method you choose, either option will require your domain. The domain is the name of the site, for example, my domain is, you will have your own.

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Want to learn more about what a domain is. Article for you What is hosting and domain. You can choose a domain on the service Reg ru domain registration UAE Mobile Number List Time web  if you buy a hosting domain right away, it’s more profitable to buy here An example of choosing a model on reg. An example of choosing a model on reg Domain registration is the same for all services Register an account on the service; Select the domain option, the name must be free Select zone.

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Enter your passport details, if you are registering as a legal entity, then company details; Pay for a domain for one year or for several years at the same time ; Ready! To associate a domain with the select constructor or hosting, you ne to register an nsserver in the domain settings. The support team will help you cope with this task if you yourself do B to B Database not understand this. How to create a landing page in. Stepbystep instruction from stages of development Stage. Prototyping It is important to make a prototype before the design stage we will tell you why.

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