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The remaining problems will have to be solv by the moderators of the social network. What to do if technical support does not answer Response times can vary greatly as there are many inquiries per day. If the application is not consider for a long time and the user cannot work normally on the social network, you can try calling the hotline and asking for an answer from the operators. Note! You can also go to the Help Center and check again if there is an answer to the problem with the application. Professional users who answer problems in official groups on other sites will also help.

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If no one answers, you can contact the hotline. How to solve an account recovery issue in the help center The most common problem for Instagrammers contacting tech support is getting a page. Service center employees almost always send the same Venezuela Mobile Number List instructions. Android smartphone owners can regain access to their account through their username. You can also use an email address. When contacting Instagram support, we indicate the email and receive instructions on how to return the blog to it. Another easy way to regain access to your Insta page is to use your mobile phone number.

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To receive a verification code and other information, you ne to enter a number in the Report a problem input field. If the number to which the profile was link is lost, access can be restor using passport data. The Instagram Help Center will tell B to B Database you all about it. Instagrammers who have an iPhone should follow the same steps. The only difference is in the software interface. The main thing is to remember your login, email address or phone number to which the page was attach.

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