Show just how successful their success stories


 But sometimes what you need are cold. Hard facts to inspire confidence in your customers. Foundr makes use of some impressive stats to are. If you Show just how successful their success stories  have statistics to back up how your course can help users grow. Don’t hesitate to display them on your landing page. 12. The graphic design school goal: buy the course screenshot of landing page for graphic design school image courtesy of graphic design school the gds’ design for social media course is. Unsurprisingly. Housed on a slick-looking landing page.


 Bonus points for their cool tools

Bar at the side of the page! It also Turkey Phone Number Data hits all our key requirements with sections for frequently asked questions. User testimonials. And  Show just how successful their success stories the course outline. Takeaway: make the course description results-focused although you’d expect a graphic design course’s landing page to be visuals first. What’s most impressive here is actually the written copy. Their copy. Which use of the future tense: “you will audit a client’s social media accounts.

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Hobspace online chess

Classes goal: book a demo Norway Phone Number List  screenshot of landing page for hobspace image courtesy of hobspace not all courses are self-led. A course landing page is still important for traditional. Class-based courses. Like the ones hobspace offers. The landing page for hobspace’s online chess classes encourages parents to sign up for a free demo session. To get a taste for the course before committing further. Takeaway: answer questions with a comprehensive faq section if your potential customer has a burning question they can’t find the answer to. They’re naturally going to be hesitant about signing up.


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