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How to manage customer feback about your company and products? What can discourage customers from leaving feback? Opinions on the store’s website attention to regulations The development of e commerce causes an increase in competition, and thus more options for the consumer, who is more difficult to convince to choose our store. That is why the company must stand out from the competition preferably at the first contact with a potential customer. And what can convince him? Opinions about the product he is interest in. Try it for free However, opinions are important not only in the world of e commerce.

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Many consumers are still looking for information on the Internet, reading opinions, comparing offers, and then going to a brick and mortar store and buying products that interest them. Therefore, opinions play an important role for both online and UAE Mobile Number List brick and mortar stores, so I will tell you what to do to get the most out of them for your business. Product reviews as social proof Consumers who decide to buy a product online must first trust your brand. They ne confirmation that they are making the right decision, because then they feel less risk associat with making a transaction.

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This decision is made on the basis of product descriptions. Photos, price comparisons, to finally confirm the belief of the right choice bas on the opinions of customers who have already check the product and assess its quality. Customer reviews are B to B Database consider social proof, which means that customer reviews are perceiv as more crible than descriptions present on the store’s website. Therefore, your goal should be to obtain as many positive opinions about the products and the company itself as possible in order to stand out from the competition, overtake it in Google search results and confirm the rightness of the choice of your offer.

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