Generate a new sitemapml file for For the new version of the site, you need to generate a sitemap file that will only include new addresses.  Summary Taking care of all the above aspects does not guarantee a 100% painless migration, but it will certainly significantly reduce the risk of falls. Now we just keep our fingers crossed and track traffic statistics in Google Analytics. You also need to be patient – the entire re-indexing process may take several or even several weeks, depending on the size of the website.

By introducing simple rules in the taccess file

You can remove redundant extensions, make a 301 redirect from pages generating a 404 error , or increase the site’s loading speed. I invite you to read it briefly, from which you will learn about 5 basic tricks that will increase the SEO potential of your website. 1. Creating friendly URLs You must have clear, concise and SEO-friendly URLs that Latest Mailing Database contain keywords to generate more search engine traffic. . In addition, URL addresses should be as short and intuitive as possible so that Internet users can easily remember them and understand what part of the website they will be in after entering it. There are cases where the content management system does not allow easy customization of URLs.

You can work around these restrictions

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In your taccess file with a simple rule: Example? The website address before the change is :site/indexhp?topic=article . Just use a short command to change it: RewriteEngine On Rewrite Rule ^topic/ (a[a-zA-Z0-9]+)$ indexhp?topic=$1 After using this command, the previous address will be changed to the following: :site/rules/article As you can see in the example, the address has been changed to a more readable, search engine B to B Database friendly and user friendly one. 2.URL schemes and find the use of extensions such as tml or hp unfriendly to SEO. So we want to remove this extension. To remove the tml and hp extensions, just use a simple rule in the taccess code. RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}tm. Rewrite Rule ^(.*)$ $1tml To remove hp, just replace tml with hp in the code above.