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You can add a Google opinion to your company illegally, but taking into account the previously mention pros and cons you probably see that you will simply deceive a potential customer and defame the name of the company. The solution in this case is to add Google reviews in a legal way regardless of the system iOS or Android. If you really ne help you want to add authenticity to your company, improve positioning you can get opinions using our application. Google My Business or Google Maps business card do it right Google business card owners who use it have the opportunity to check in special tabs real opinions obtain by us Rating.

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Captain application from real customers. The number of reviews is also increasing because we have a system that automatically asks your customers to leave a Google review. You can later using our widgets publish them on the website and show them Nigeria Mobile Number List like opinions in Google, but at home And a negative review you want to change to a positive one ? No problem with that either. We do this in accordance with the policy and with respect for your name. And no it’s not about the ability to delete reviews.

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