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The most Ruse audience fragmentation. It allows you to deactivate ad sets, adjust your budget. Merge audiences or just notify us automat rules in Facebook Ads Meta Rule Actions. First we select the action we want the rule to perform. We can only select one action for each rule , if we want to apply several actions, we will have to create several rules The actions we can take are Activate or deactivate campaigns, ad sets and ads. This action cannot be perform for reach and awareness campaigns.

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Send notifications Increase or decrease the bid for ads that have a manual bid. Adjust the budget Automat rule conditions. Conditions are the requirements that we ne to be met for the rule to trigger. To do this we will select the condition. That we want our rule to activate and then we will assign some values ​​to it. For example, a condition may be that the Japan Phone Number List cost per result is between. And It is possible to add more than one condition in the same rule. But for the rule to be activate all the conditions must be met. For example, we add to the previous condition that the results are greater than , in this case the rule would only be activate.

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When the cost per result is between and the results are greater than Some of the conditions we can use are Cost per item add to cart cost per lead Cost per app download cost per purchase cost per result Content views on the website CPM cost B to B Database per impressions Frequency Impressions Scope Results spending limit bid amount Estimat Budget Spend Percentage Percentage of audience reach Uptime in seconds Current time We define these conditions with additional criteria such as it is greater than, it is less than, it is between or it is not between, for logical expressions, and time intervals and attribution.

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