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There are several ways to do this. By traditional mail sending a postcard containing a verification code. A phone call during which you will hear a verification code or text message. It happens that verification is automatic, but this option may not be available in your case. After successful verification, you can show off your Google My Business account, visible in Google. If you have a Google My Business account, any of your customers can leave reviews for you Just find your company on Google Maps. click on it, then scroll through the information display on the left side and click on the Write a review button. It can be quite scary at first.

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Every entrepreneur knows that no matter how hard they try, they cannot satisfy all their customers. Among the positive opinions there will also be those that you would like to avoid. Fortunately, with the right support, you can direct satisfi buyers Russia Mobile Number List to your Google Maps listing and start collecting real feback from customers. Google Maps is one of the most important opinion forming portals on the web. In addition to it, such websites as Ceneo and Oferteo, social network Facebook and others are also important. No matter how widely you want to advertise your business, add your business to Google first.

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In this way, you will ensure the greatest opportunities at the very beginning.How to improve customer lifetime value? Julia Kozak minutes of reading How to improve customer lifetime value? Contents Customer lifetime value the lifetime value B to B Database of the customer How to calculate customer lifetime value? Have you ever wonder how much profit one customer brings and how to measure it? The customer lifetime value indicator comes in handy. By checking the customer lifetime value, you will know how much revenue is generat by one customer.

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