Using the course landing page to highlight

 By laying out exactly what a user can expect. Visitors Using the course landing page to highlight  instantly understand if this product is for them. And if they need a little more convincing… takeaway: don’t forget the customer testimonials contentos lets its reputation do the talking. an incredible 7.000+ user reviews. Using a similar combination of video and text reviews can also make courtesy of copyhackers just like contentos. This 10x emails landing page from copyhackers capitalizes on its glowing user testimonials.


 Highlighting both their experiences

A taking the course and hard results. Especially UAE Phone Number Data  when advertising a paid course. Social proof in the Using the course landing page to highlight  form of reviews and testimonials is invaluable in gaining user trust and making them feel confident hitting “buy.” takeaway: provide pricing details but it’s not just testimonials that will sway potential users. Another pressure point for users is the price of the course. And that’s information that they’ll expect your landing page to answer. The landing page for the 10x email course goes one step further by showcasing its flexible payment plans.

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 Subscribers can either pay

A lump sum. Or split their payments  Oman Phone Number List over twelve months—an extremely important piece of information for deliberating customers. 11. Instagram growth goal: buy the course screenshot of landing page for foundr instagram growth image courtesy of foundr foundr’s instagram growth course is another video-led landing page. Which also makes strong use of user testimonials. Rather than waiting until the end of their course description to show off their happy customers. Foundr places them front and center on the landing page. Takeaway: hard numbers can boost your case social proof and general happy testimonials are helpful.

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