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Data sources, including data and other cookies from mobile applications. Will allow you to improve your websites and adapt them to the nes of a modern constantly changing customer. The new version of Google. Analytics offers more advanc reports on traffic sources also in real time. Number of user interactions with the site, their engagement, single clicks and much more data about users. Google Analytics allows you to implement the so call events all user interactions on the website or in the mobile application. For more information on events, check out our free guide for e commerce owners. Google Analytics Universal vs Google Analytics what are the differences in these analytics versions.

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Google Analytics will be different from the existing Google Analytics service in many ways. The most important change is the method of all actions taken by the tool collecting data about users, storing them measuring and analyzing data, filtering Lebanon Mobile Number List and reporting data from websites and mobile applications in one place. According to experts, the data collection scheme in GA is similar to that of Google Analytics for Firebase. If you use Firebase, it will be easier for you to navigate GA and find the information you ne. In Google Analytics. the session, known from.

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Universal Analytics, will be occupi by the notion of events that have specific parameters. They can be set and configur for your analytical interface, which will facilitate the data collection process. On the other hand, thanks to the set of B to B Database metrics Enhanc Measurement. you can track marketing events you have defin, occurring in various channels e.g. the number of conversions all from the level of one GA service panel in your Google Analytics account. Examples of events that you can measure are opening a mobile application, searching on a website or other events defin by you.

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