Google’s SEO Starter Guide Updates

Google’s Search Relations team plans to update their SEO Starter Guide, focusing on debunking myths and modernizing advice.

  • Google’s SEO Starter Guide will be updated to remove outdated advice and better serve beginners.
  • For domain names, branding is recommended over keyword optimization.
  • Meta keywords are deemed minimally influential, and their discussion may be excluded from the guide.

HTML Structure & Search Rankings

The team discussed the role of HTML structure in search engine rankings. They explained that proper use of WhatsApp number HTML elements such as titles can be helpful for rankings but doesn’t impact them as much as some think.

“Using headings and a good title element and having paragraphs, yeah, sure. It’s all great. But other than that, it’s pretty futile to think about how the page… or how the HTML is structured,” Ilyes mentioned, debunking common misconceptions within the SEO community.

Domain Names: Branding Versus Keywords

The team discussed the ongoing debate about whether domain names affect SEO.

They recommended prioritizing branding over including keywords when choosing B to B Database a domain name. Their view was that establishing a memorable brand should take precedence over trying to optimize domain names for search engines.

This advice reflects a trend toward brand-centric domain name selection in SEO strategies.


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