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Facebook can set up an account in Facebook Business Manager. This requirement applies to you as the business owner. The same must be met by each person to whom you want to grant access. It’s worth noting that you don’t have to be friends on Facebook to do this. The creators of Facebook Business Manager took care of the separation of private and professional life also in this matter. How do I create a Business Manager account? Setting up a Business Manager account is very simple. Log in to your private profile on Facebook.

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Then in a new browser tab, type https business facebook. Now click on the Create Account button. Complete the fields in the short form Ready. You can set up an account yourself. You can also ask one of your employees for this. However, make Philippines Mobile Number List sure that he assigns you the role of administrator immiately after creating an account. Only in this way will you gain full control over managing your own brand on Facebook. Facebook Business Manager How to add a company page on Facebook? Facebook ads are always launch from a specific page.

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To create and distribute them, you must therefore have it. Business Manager is an extremely intuitive tool. To add a company page, you ne to click on the Add page button. It couldn’t be simpler, right? In this way, you can add a previously establish B to B Database company fanpage. Don’t worry if you don’t have a business page yet. You can create it in the same place. The website creation process is also very easy and follows a simple wizard. The last option is to request access to someone else’s page. How to set up an advertising account? You ne an ad account to pay for your ad campaigns.

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