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That’s why the Java logo shows a coffee mug. During Java’s development was popular. So Gosling made the language’s syntax similar to C C and implement the write once, run everywhere principle to do so. In, Sun Microsystems releas the first official version of Java. At the same time, it was announc that Java would be includ in the Netscape Navigator browser. In, Oracle Corporation acquir Sun Microsystems and the Java programming language. Hello world! When learning a new language, write a program that prints Hello, world! this is a tradition.

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It appear in with the publication of Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie’s The C Programming Language. class HelloWorld publicstaticvoid main String args System out println Hello World! Code begins with the class keyword. Java programs are made Denmark Cell Phone Number List up of classes the building blocks of an application. In real applications, there can be tens, hundrs and thousands of them. Then the class name is written HelloWorld. Class names are usually written in the CamelCase style all words are combin, each with a capital letter.

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It is desirable to give classes, as well as other entities methods. Fields and variables mnemonic and meaningful names. The body of the class is written after the name in curly braces. It can contain fields, methods, and other classes. Fields store B to B Database data They are similar to variables, but in Java they are a slightly different entity. Methods contain a set of commands or code. Method names as well as field and variable names are usually written in camelCase style with lowercase letters. Our class has only one method main. He is special, he is often call the owner. When the Java Virtual Machine receives a class to run, it looks for its main method. If it finds one, it executes the code containing the method.

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