Which supports up to 30 hashtags, you might consider choosing between three and seven hashtags. Adding niche hashtags is more important than ones that have broad coverage but are irrelevant. . Adding the ootd hashtag to your latest marketing campaign purely because it’s popular isn’t an option. Another important tip is not to use the same hashtag on two different posts. You can use branded hashtags to increase brand awareness and challenge users to use your campaign hashtags to increase your visibility in the industry. 211 Research Influencers in Your Industry A key social media practice in 2023 is to do careful research on the influencers you want to work with. When you decide to partner with someone, the first thing to look at is whether their values align with your brand values. Otherwise, you won’t get an audience with the same interests.

When conducting influencer research

Analyzing the accounts of various influencers, metrics such as engagement rates, posting frequency, and the overall evolution of the accounts should be considered first and foremost. 212 Social media advertising When you feel that the natural traffic is not enough to complete the target, you can consider using social media advertising as the last phone number list resort to improve KPI. By advertising on multiple social media platforms, you can increase your chances of reaching more people who may not yet know your brand. In doing so, you’ll also increase brand awareness and spread the word about your products and services. First, it is recommended to build a funnel that relies on awareness, consideration, and conversion, and to build content that reflects each stage.

Once you get into ad placement

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Sure to use a third-party ad intelligence tool to monitor your brand’s and your competitors’ ad campaigns. BigSpy is such a tool, covering 9 mainstream advertising platforms in the world and more than 200 million creatives in 70 countries and regions. With BigSpy, users can fully control well-performing advertisements, analyze popular B to B Database creatives and trends, discover business opportunities and potential inspirations for your marketing activities. Maximize your marketing activities and promote business. 213 Soliciting Customer Feedback Once you’ve converted a prospect into an actual customer, it’s time to solicit feedback.