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Processes relat to customer experience, others with order processing. And others automate marketing activities. Check out some tools worth paying attention to. Sales automation with SellIntegro. Thanks to the Sell Integro platform. You can automate most of. The manual processes in your company. This, in turn. Will allow you to increase the number of orders and minimize errors in their implementation. How does the platform work? Sell Integro is a unique technology. That enables quick integration of e commerce systems with accounting, warehouse, logistics, financial and other platforms or systems ERP, CRM, WMS.

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In addition the tool allows you to send inventory from ERP systems to most. Available online stores, send orders, generate sales documents and print them at the packing station. It is worth noting that if you encounter problems while using the tool. You can use the friendly Sell Integro Support that will solve them quickly. Automatic fulfillment of orders in Belarus Mobile Number List Base. Linker Base Linker is a system. For integrating various e commerce platforms that allows significant time savings thanks to process automation. The combination of the online store with Base Linker enables comprehensive management of all orders in the store and on marketplaces.

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The tool has integrations with invoicing systems as well as with courier companies, so you do not have to log in separately to each marketplace account, online store or courier account. What’s more, the system ensures automatic synchronization B to B Database of stock levels and prices, and will also perform repetitive tasks for you relat to changing statuses, notifications and order shipment. More contacts, more leads, more sales with DMSales DMSales is a tool that will allow you to send automatic e mails or text messages to people who have enter your online store’s website and have not made a purchase.

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