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Teaching format theory. Duration hours Cost rubles. Community manager Netology rubles course from ₽ month Start Anytime, Duration months, sessions per week. Format online webinars are held, dz is check, there is a chat of cadets. Opportunities help in finding a job, writing a resume and interview Course on netology. Tooligram Offers Real “Instagram Heists” Tooligram Academy has develop an Instagram heist course. Now you can learn how to create a page that everyone will visit. You can also promote your existing page.

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The course combines various techniques. Including creating appearance, writing interesting articles and stories, and brand promotion. The user receives the entire methodology, ready made page design solutions, page creation schemes, video tutorials. During the training, you can contact a mentor who will solve all the problems. Those who complete the course will be award their own page and a certificate of completion. The training is suitable for Panama Mobile Number List entrepreneurs, promotion specialists, beginners in Instagram and entrepreneurship. Lessons Teaching time total lessons, online lessons, which consists of large parts. After the lessons, there will be a consultation with the creators of the project for another days. Monthly cost or rubles per month.

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Instagram Arpine Pro Instagram Promotion. Create Instagram content from A to results SMM school This workshop is hours long. It was prepar by the SMM SCHOOL organization. Interestingly, this course has no homework and no diploma. Its price is rubles. What will you learn here? Create content, search for information to prepare articles and online broadcasts develop earning schemes, create visual content for the account work with text, take B to B Database into account the nuances of selling texts social engineering invite customers to the page, communicate with subscribers and users of goods and services. All these basics to start developing an account can be obtain in this course for a small price, by the standards of other courses rubles, but this master class will be useful only for beginners.

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