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If you don’t have it, you can’t promote your business effectively. No major complications are to be expect here either. The add ad account option is visible in the same place where you can add your page to Business Manager. It is worth noting that, unlike the company page, the advertising account is permanently assign to Facebook Business Manager. When setting up an ad account, make sure you set the correct billing currency. Also configure the source from which ads are to be paid for and complete the invoice data. How to add people and configure their permissions.

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You can add your coworkers to Business Manager. Just select the Company settings option and select People and then the Add button. Then you enter the e mail addresses to which the invitations will be sent. It is worth making sure that the Employee access option is select under the window for adding e mails. Administrator access is better Poland Mobile Number List left in the hands of a maximum of two people. Of course, the business owner must be one of them. In the next window, you can grant access to individual assets. Pages, Ad Accounts, Accounts and Apps. You will assign third party companies that are to perform certain services for you in a similar way.

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In this case however you will use the Partners option. After completing the steps above, your Business Manager account is ready to go. Rate this article The average rating of this post is. Popular articles How to publish opinions in accordance with B to B Database the Omnibus Directive. The legal end to fake customer reviews. How to add reviews on Google to attract customers. To match promotional activities to consumer preferences? Check what people say about your company Get free access to your company’s audit report find out how you can increase your sales.

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