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Create a content plan Create creative and marketing content. Write captivating texts it photos and videos Payment messages. Create business pages. Set up target advertising on VK, FB Instagram, my Target Analyze statistics Define your target audience Segment your audience Create an SMM strategy. Working with bloggers Launch promotions Engage your audience. Create the right reports How is the training Practical video tutorials Introduction of remote sensing Control of DZ by mentors Defense of the thesis Issuance of a diploma Access to the course remains forever Learn at your own pace.

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Teachers All teachers are active practitioners working in large advertising companies and SMM agencies, such as MDK, SMM Practice, Freud, Tesla target and others. Skillbox instructors Course benefits Diploma Learn from scratch Installment payment itorial review The course will stay with you forever How to gain experience and make a portfolio Malta Mobile Number List for a beginner? A good way is to create a personal project group, public during the learning process and promote it. In practice, you will understand which techniques work and which do not. Gain experience and make a portfolio project. Help your friends manage their social mia accounts.

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Perhaps some of your friends are aspiring bloggers who ne a profile check or advice. Participate in projects without a budget. For example, he helps nonprofits manage their accounts, volunteer, and get involv in startups and projects with passion. You will not earn money, but you will get a rewarding job search experience. Get an internship at B to B Database an advertising agency. If you are a student or young professional, you may be happy to get a job even without the necessary knowlge and skills. There are websites on the internet where you can search for internship places. Look for a remote job that is ready to accept newcomers.

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