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For example there are tags that indicate the insertion of an image or photo, video, table. There are tags that mark the beginning and end of a paragraph. Attributes can be written inside tags that indicate various characteristics. For example, inside the tag that denotes a link, an attribute is indicat with the address of the page or site to which this link leads. To learn HTML on your own, you ne to Learn the basic tags that mark headings h h, text and its division into paragraphs, form number and unnumber lists p, br, ul, ol, li, provide links a, images and other objects.

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Image, object, bold or italic selections strong, b, i, table tagging. Table, tr, td, form insertion form, input, textarea, select, option, structural tags div, span, and main tags html, head, title, body. It seems that there are a lot of commands, but in Bahamas Mobile Number List fact you can learn them on your own in days. Learn the attributes of popular tags. It is not necessary to know all the attributes by heart. There are free guides where you can find this information as you work.

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Study the structure of the HTML code to understand how website pages are creat. Check out the table layout this is a legacy layout that is not us on modern sites. However, you ne to know what it is, so as not to get lost if you have to work with the layout B to B Database of the old site. Explore block layout with div. This is a modern type of layout that you ne to familiarize yourself with. Read the current layout. There is an organization that defines HTML standards. It’s call W C. Valid is a layout that fully complies with W C standards.

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