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The system in which you will be most comfortable. Well done! Analytics service Popsters Popsters The service helps to analyze the content and interests of the audience of accounts in social networks. With this tool, you can collect data from your profiles and other people’s profiles, get business ideas, best posting times, engagement and content ratings. The service can sort posts by likes and reposts. Popsters supports all major social networks instagram, In touch with facebook, Classmates, twitter, youtube, tick tock, Cube flickr, pinterest What statistics are there in Popsters.

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The interface is simple and clear. The account name or URL is enter into the search box after a few seconds, the following statistics are available. Coverage by day of the week and by time of day. Schule of posts by day of the week, indicating the Lebanon Mobile Number List amount of text. Schule posts by time of day and text size. Relative activity by days of the week and text volume. Relative activity in terms of time of day and amount of text. Graphs of the number of likes and comments for the select period. Engagement for the specifi period. Nutmber of subscribers per timeframe.

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Number of publications for the specifi time. Numtber of publications per text length. Coefficient of adherence and relative activity for the length of the text. Number of posts by content type. Engagement rate and relat activity by content type. Information on hashtags the level of involvement and relat activity. Very convenient in Popsters after B to B Database the statistics, there are posts from the most popular to the least popular. Analyzing competitors, you can immiately see the topics content of their publications with maximum activity. This information may be us for your account. Popsters Service Tariffs There is a free trial period for social network for days and trial downloads.

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