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What product do you have, what is it for? Who is your product for? What is your audience looking for? a young player is unlikely to be interest in tax content or an offer to renovate an apartment. But reviews of games and discounts for new video cards are quite enough. Key Be clear about who you are creating your content plan for. Create a client profile and create a content strategy bas on it. Tips for the artist So, you are an artist, which means that you are drawing an image several thousand times longer than the average blogger takes a photo.

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What to do. Show a photo of the process, describe each image you have already drawn. If you have a workshop, even if it is in an apartment, it will be extremely interesting for users to look at it. You see, the modern Instagram user is already spoil by Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List high quality content, he can be attract and surpris by the home environment, where not everything is perfect. The main thing is to have something to show. And if you are a creator, then you definitely have something to show. What will the content plan give you? For example, Vika and Nastya have an atelier for tailoring evening dresses.

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Vika posts beautiful photos of clothes, adds hashtags, but there are no sales. And Nastya knows that her subscribers like live photos of dresses, write posts about sales, talk about choosing clothes, show how she sews them, give advice and share the tricks B to B Database of female beauty. He knows what time to post content and what content his followers like the most. And he has a step by step work plan. He won’t have to wake up with a sense of unfulfill duty and anxiety what post to publish today? Will it help sales? He knows for sure that he nes sales, and knows what to do.

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