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Afraid to send a review request again. Opinions on the store’s website attention to regulations. Many shop owners, wanting to have as many positive reviews as possible. Commission their employees or external companies to write them. The European Union address such unfair commercial practices in the Omnibus. Directive, and the Polish government is currently working on an act that will be a response to the EU document. Of course, there will be penalties for violations of the law, so buying reviews is a really bad idea that can cause you a lot of problems. You can read more about the EU directive here. Rate this article The average rating of this post is.

 Is In Class B On The Trust Board

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Trust and its importance Behavior of e customers. Customer opinions about the online store Reviews of stores “It is easier to rebuild a destroy city than a destroy trust,” once said Karol Bunsch, a historical writer from Krakow, and his words B to B Database echo even in today’s digital business world. For example lack of trust increases transaction costs by. It may also prevent the establishment of close relationships for of employees, and the lack of trust in managers exposes the US economy to losses of over billion annually Try it for free What influences trust in e commerce.

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