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You can contact Instagram support saying that the account has been hack. Usually, when Instagram is hack, mail and personal data change, that is, in fact, you do not have access to the mail to which the account is currently register. And it can be consider as a hack. Making a request through the browser If you don’t have the app, try submitting a request through a browser on your PC. In this case, your problem should be relat to hacking hacking, fraud, insult, spam, etc. How to do it? Go to https help instagram Help Center.

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Go to the Privacy and Security section. Click the Report Abuse link. Select a problem option. Fill out the form or answer questions. This method does not guarantee that you will get a complete solution, but at least you will be on the right track. Where Mexico Mobile Number List does the answer from technical support come from Moreover, many users cannot find a reply to their email just because they forgot the email attach to their account or don’t even know where the message came from. An email is sent to the email address from Instagram support.

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To verify it or link it to an account, you ne to go to your profile, click on the it Android devices or it iOS devices tab. Then go to the Personal B to B Database Information Settings tab and select the Email address cell in it. It remains to enter the desir mail. An email will then be sent to your email address with a code or link to verify your email address. IMG jpg Note! In some cases, the response from the support service may come in a private message. This usually happens when the issue is very important and there is no email response.

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