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Upon completion, you will receive an official business school certificate. Promotion on Instagram from Netology Best Courses on Instagram Full course on Instagram, where you can choose one of three areas of study or all three. Business Learn how to promote your business through Instagram. Personal branding creating and registering an account to promote yourself as an individual. They also teach how to monetize such accounts. Digital Marketer Explains how to promote other people’s business accounts and personal blogs you can choose this direction to make money with personaliz promotion. The first module of the course can be taken free of charge to determine the specialization. Suitable for beginners, marketers, novice SMM specialists, entrepreneurs, novice bloggers.

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What is includ in the course modules + diploma defense trajectory selection arbitrary shape creating and registering an account choose goals and promotion strategies on Instagram creation of high quality text and visual content block for creating stories creation of target advertising cooperation with bloggers create a loyal community of subscribers Taiwan Mobile Number List block trends on Instagram how to organize work on promotion an agreement with contractors, automation services, how to work with clients, managers and advertisers. At the exit, students receive a certificate of netology.

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Skills for creating a content plan, promotion strategy, analytics, advertising launch, cooperation with bloggers and advertisers, creating high quality content. In addition to the ability to work with useful programs and services for Instagram. Teachers Daria Semenova Influencer Relations Manager at MyPartners, Anna Golik SMM Specialist, Daria B to B Database Cherenkova SMM Strategist and Targetologist and other experts. The duration of the course is months. The cost is, rubles without a discount, with a discount, there is an installment plan for months. Storymaker by Skillbox Instagram Stories Courses Stories are becoming the main type of content on Instagram. Now the ability to create a story is an indispensable skill for promotion in Insta.

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