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Below you will learn: What is a research sample? Methods and types of research sample What to consider when choosing a sample? Opinion research and more Problems in selecting a research sample Market research is one of the most effective tools in the work of a marketer. It also helps business owners at every stage of planning or running a business. We have already written about the difference between quantitative and qualitative research.

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An what is a research sample and how to choose it for your business nees? What is a research sample? The research sample is a small part of the set that is representative of the whole population. “A population is any group of objects that database interests us – most often people surveye for something (but not only), while a sample is a part of the population that we study” – writes Tomasz Zieliński in the book “How to love statistics, or STATISTICA to the pillow”. It is most often use in opinion polls, but this is not its only application.


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If you deal with production, a research sample will allow you to do a quality test without having to check, for example, thousands of batches or products. In this way, you can study customer opinions and preferences, delivery quality and many other factors. The success of the research will depend on the assumptions made as well as the research B to B Database methodology. We recommend Quantitative and qualitative research – evolution over the century research trial Methods and types of research sample To make it easier for you to collect reliable results, first determine the target audience. The research sample can be broadly define (Poles) or very detaile (mothers of small children from cities with less than 50,000 inhabitants with a net income of PLN 3,000 per hand from eastern Poland). Then select the sample size. Remember that the smaller the number, the less reliable the results will be.

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