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Of course, one remy could be not to share customer reviews on the website. However, in this way, the entrepreneur ruces the chance of sales, because potential customers, guid by opinions, will choose a company that has been test by other consumers competition. Therefore, a more advantageous solution is to provide potential customers with the opportunity to read opinions about the product or company before making a purchase. This requires verifying your own review systems ii, as well as adding an appropriate message on how to verify the origin of the review. UOKiK and penalties for non compliance The Omnibus Directive introduces high fines for non compliance with its provisions.

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The amount of the fine may be up to of the entity’s annual turnover in a Member State or at least EUR million if information on turnover is not available. The fine can be even higher if the Member State introduces such a penalty into its legislation. In the case of cross border infringements, the national authorities of the Member States can Morocco Mobile Number List cooperate. The amount of the fine will be graduat depending on the gravity, duration and scale of the infringement and other circumstances. Consumers have the right to compensation for unfair commercial practices. According to UOKiK, creating, obtaining and posting false opinions on the Internet is punishable by a financial penalty of up to of turnover.

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It should also be mention that the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection UOKiK announc in a communication that it had already inspect about e commerce platforms from various sectors in the context of compliance with the provisions B to B Database of the Omnibus Directive. As a result of the inspection, UOKiK notic several incorrect mechanisms, such as unclear presentation of sale prices and strikethrough prices without explaining what a strikethrough price is, and the use of phrases other than the lowest price of goods in the period of days before the introduction of the ruction.

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